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CACI Quantum eye treatment

The CACI eye treatment is suited to clients who suffer from puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and loose skin on the eyelids.  This treatment helps to drain the fluid away and firm the skin, making the eyes appear wider.

CACI consultation

15 mins


Single treatment

45 mins


For best results, a course of 10 treatments is recommended, usually 2 treatments during each of the first 2 weeks, 2 in the following week and 2 in the fourth week.  A maintenance treatments is then recommended every 4-6 weeks.

Course of 10 sessions


CACI Treatments
Suitable for all skin types : ageing/ mature, dry/ dehydrated, oily/acne/congested/combination and men.

CACI Quantum
The non surgical face lifting and body toning system works to redefine facial muscles, reduce lines and wrinkles while tightening and toning sagging body muscles. CACI uses the micro current to lift facial and body muscles. It increases collagen to soften lines, hydrates, increases elastin and has beneficial healing effects. The micro current works on the Golgi Tendon Organ found in every muscle. The GTO is responsible for muscle tone and health and it determines the muscles length. By using the micro current it stimulates the GTO to recharge the muscle back to it’s original position. These treatments are excellent for people who are concerned with ageing and lack on muscle tone either facial or body.

CACI Quantum Treatments at Little Luxuries

CACI Consultation

15 mins


Single treatment

75 mins


Add on Jowl Lift

(See Jowl Lift Page)


CACI Quantum non-surgical facial treatment

This treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles, lifts and tones facial muscles, firms facial contours and reduces puffiness around the eyes.  It reduces facial expressions and stress lines giving the skin a more youthful appearance.  

Course of 10 sessions